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Mignatti Advantage

Building healthier, more efficient, better performing homes

At Mignatti Companies, we’re passionate about quality construction. That’s why we are investing in what goes into a Mignatti home, from the foundation to the roof. We are committed to using high quality products that are above the industry standard.

These standards are important to the overall health, energy efficiency, and comfort of your new home . You shouldn't settle for anything less!


ENERGY STAR RATED 2 stage 96% AFUE Furnace, and 15 SEER Air Conditioner

The higher efficiency, 2 Stage furnace, will heat your home more evenly, eliminating cold spots. This saves on energy costs because less fuel is burned, while your getting better air flow throughout your home. All these strategies lead to a more comfortable, quieter, healthier and more efficient home ($avings).

Programmable Thermostat on ALL floors with an Electronic Damper System

At Edgewater, each homeowner has independent control over the temperature on each floor, instead of one thermostat controlling the entire home at one temperature. You’ll have a much easier time managing conditions and keeping everyone happy.

High Efficiency Windows - Low-E, Argon filled, single-hung tilt in windows

These specialty windows are created to neutralize the effects of outside weather on the inside of your home. These windows lower UV rays which will keep your furniture and flooring more vibrant for a longer period. It also helps to keep an even temperature longer so your HVAC systems don't have to work as hard.

2 x 6 exterior wall construction with R19 Insulation

That’s approx. 50% more insulation compared to a code minimum built home. The extra insulation helps save money in the winter and summer. It also means a quieter and more energy efficient home

Mignatti’s Signature Foam, Caulk and Seal System at all openings, windows and doors

This process means less air leakage and less drafts which means a more comfortable, quieter & more efficient home ($avings)

Each home will be inspected and tested by a 3rd party and will receive a HERS Certificate

The third party inspector is involved from design to the end of construction. They provide sustainability consulting and building performance testing to help us build a more durable home compared to the minimum code standard.

Water Management System

Uncontrolled rain water penetration and moisture intrusion are two of the most common enemies of the building envelope, threatening structural integrity and performance. We’re investing in top notch products and installation partners, to create a multifaceted, comprehensive water management system


 The homes at Edgewater are participating in the Home Energy Rating System (HERS).

 For more information visit http://www.resnet.us

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